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Alphabet Club A Child's Day

Owner, Sharon Studer, B. S. Elementary Education, Teachers Certificate, Texas Directors Credential

Sharon Studer has 30 years experience in the childcare industry in Uvalde and Del Rio. She has a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Texas Teachers Certification. Sharon is a fourth generation Uvaldean who strives to serve Uvalde with high quality childcare. Sharon and her staff believe in treating all children at the Alphabet Club and A Child’s Day as they were their own children.

Director, Mary Gleason, 28 years with the Alphabet Club, CDA, Texas Directors Credential, First Aide and CPR

Executive Director/Owner, Sharon Studer, B. S. Elementary Education, Teachers Certificate, Texas Directors Credential, and teacher certifications in Early Childhood, Reading and English.


All staff have CPR, first aide and early childhood training and/or a CDA.

Program Quality
High quality early care and education programs benefit children. Children who experience a quality program have a greater academic success, enhanced self-esteem, and increased self-control.

There are 4 factors present in high quality programs:

  • Lower staff-child ratios (when possible).
  • Smaller group size (when possible).
  • Our staff is educated in Early Childhood Education and Child Development.
  • Certified teacher on staff.

We strive to keep the number of children assigned to each staff member lower than that required by MINIMUM STANDARDS. We also keep our group size smaller. Please note the staff-child ratio charts and group size posted in your child’s classroom and how they compare to the minimum requirements. We also committed to employing well-trained personnel. All staff members receive 20 hours of training a year, as well as training in CPR and first aid.

We believe that discipline and guidance should be consistent and based on an understanding of individual needs and development. A positive guidance technique promotes self-discipline and acceptable behavior. There will be no harsh, cruel, or unusual treatment. Corporal punishment and threats of corporal punishment are prohibited. Children will not be shaken, bitten, or hit, or have anything put in or on their mouth as punishment. Children will not be humiliated, yelled at, or rejected. Children will not be subjected to abusive or profane language. Children will not be punished for not eating, not napping, or toilet-learning accidents. Bed-wetters will not be shamed or punished.

Positive guidance techniques used at the centers will include but are not limited to:

  • recognizing and encouraging appropriate behaviors.
  • developing reasonable and clear rules and expectations in each group.
  • explaining the consequences of inappropriate behaviors.
  • redirecting children into positive behaviors.
  • modeling pro-social behaviors.
  • enforcing limits and rules consistently and fairly.
  • helping children to identify and express feelings in acceptable ways.
  • time out-time out depends on age of child and what the child is in time for.

Meals and Snacks
Children are served nutritious meals and snacks. We participate in the TDHS-USDA school lunch program which means we serve ONLY nutritious meals. We serve breakfast, lunch, snack. The menus are posted on the parents bulletin board. Seconds are offered to children when possible. Children will be encouraged, but not forced to try new foods. We encourage children to practice good manners, converse freely and eat at the table. If child requires a therapeutic or special diet, please provide written direction from a physician. Please call the center if you are going to be late. We prefer that candy, gum, and junk food not be brought to the center, if it is we will keep it in their cubby.

Meal Service Times Breakfast @ 8:00 am, lunch @ 11:00 am, snack @ 3:30 pm.
If your child isn’t present at the meal time we can’t assure that there will be leftovers if they come in late.

All children are required to have a rest time after lunch. Even if you child does not sleep, he or she will be expected to lie quietly and rest during this time. Infants sleep according to their individual schedules in cribs. All children sleep on individual cots or mats. Children will be encouraged to remove shoes for naptime. The room will be darkened but each child will be visible to the supervising staff. Please bring 2 small blankets, if you would like a top and bottom for you child’s mat, we will send them home when they need to be washed.

Equal Employment Opportunities
The selection and promotion of individual employees are made without regard to race, creed, marital status, color, age, gender, sex-orientation, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability.

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